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Participation in the Ekaterinburg conference

X Russian “Biological reclamation of disturbed lands” research conference with international engagement organized under the regional plan of events within Year of Ecology in Russia brought together 70 researchers and specialists on September 4–7,  2017 in Ekaterinburg.

I.Petrove director of RAS UB Botanical garden, V.Bolshakov professor of RAS UB Insittute of plant and animal ecology  S.Zalesov deputy rector for research of the Urals Forest technical University as well as O.Sedakov director the Sverdlovskaya region forestry department greeted the participants.

Intensive growth of disturbed land area is associated with natural landscape degradation. Biological reclamation of big non-productive land areas is needed to improve environmental situation. Efforts of industry, executive authorities, research and civil communities should be combined to implement this objective. Experts in biological reclamation of disturbed lands shred their experience over the last 10 years counting on the conference practical effect.

The conference reports were  published and its proceedings is already a handbook in research and design organizations involved reclamation as stated by  S.Menshikov the conference chairman, manager of technogenic vegetation community ecology laboratory of the RAS UB Botanical garden, PhD in agriculture.

At this conference experts learned disturbed land technical reclamation experience at the “Mid-Urals copper mill” as well as implementation of  the “Enel Russia” environmental operations program.

Conference participants visited the site where for the 1st time in Russia the large scale environmental project was implemented – combined efforts of powermen, foresters and researchers resulted in unique forest planting procedure in ash dump No.1 of the Reftinskaya power plant that enabled to produce 440 ha of productive forest and meadow lawens in area where ash wastes were dumped earlier. .

Zhidkov candidate of biological sciences, representative of the Russian Research Institute for Silviculture and Mechanization of Forestry presented his “”Experience to improve forest amelioration technologies for reclamation of industrial secondary materials storage dump areas” report that got a positive assessment of the conference experts. .

А Zhidkov presenting his report at the “Disturbed land biological reclamation” conference in Ekaterinburg.


Technogenic pit – an example of man-made disturbed lands in the Urals region.