Laboratory of forest pathology monitoring and forecast
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Laboratory of forest pathology monitoring and forecast

Laboratory manager:

LJAMTSEV Nikolay Ivanovich

  • Candidate of biological sciences
  • Senior researcher
  • Medal “In commemoration of Moscow 850 anniversary”

Contact tel: +7 495 993 41 76

Key research areas:

  • Studies of commercially hazardous insects, forest disease agents and their natural antagonists (entomophages) ecology, harmful organism mass outbreak emergence and distribution regularities and their impact on forest biocoenosises
  • Improvement of stand condition, harmful insect population and its condition assessments
  • Development of forecast techniques for mass outbreak distribution, stand expected damage and protective operations needs
  • Development of guidelines for forest pathology surveys and monitoring
  • Developments in pheromone use in population monitoring of key needle and leaf-eating and stem pests in Russian forests, selective surveys of forest sanitary and forest pathological condition, forest pathological information analysis, forest pathological risk environmental-economic criteria are aimed at wide applications