Laboratory for forest use
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Laboratory for forest use

Laboratory manager:

TRUSHINA Irina Gennadjevna

Контактный телефон: +7 496 532 38 84



Key research and development areas:

  • Analysis of modern forest use condition
  • Development of criteria and ways to assess forest use performance efficiency
  • Development of forest use theoretical and procedural issues
  • Development of forest use arrangement techniques and patterns
  • Development of proposals to raise forest use efficiency and its performance

Preparation of background materials for regulatory draft documents:

  • Lease holding agreement re-execution procedure
  • Purchase\sale agreement preparation and execution procedure for forest stands owned by government or municipalities as well as an example of forest stand purchase\sale agreement
  • Forest use result form and its submission procedure
  • Form of documents for Rosprirodnadzor inspection
  • Reporting form on forest regeneration and afforestation and its submission procedure

Development of regulatory documents:

Guidelines on selection of leasing holding sites and preparation of materials for agreement execution.

Recommendations on efficient use of leased forest areas.