Laboratory for forest management and assessment
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Laboratory for forest management and assessment

Department manager:

CHERNJAVSKY Vladimir Sergeevich

  • Doctor of agricultural sciences
  • Distinguished Forester of Russia
  • Senior researcher

Contact phone: +7 496 532 36 21




Prior areas of research and development:

In forest management:

  • Streamlining of multiple sustainable forest use in protective and commercial forests
  • Development and streamlining of regulatory documents on multiple forest use for forest plans of the RF subjects, forest management plans of forest districts and forest development projects
  • Development of regulatory framework and forest management and inventory operations for forest monitoring, state forest register and state forest cadastre

In forest inventory:

  • Development of new procedures and methods for overall assessment of forest resources and forest functions
  • Development of algorithms and software updated computerized databases for comprehensive evaluation of forest resources and functions
  • Development of forest inventory standards in general interacting system of inventory materials of various information levels for assessment of all forest resources and functions with regard to forest growing zones and forest districts in the Russian Federation

In non-wood forest products and hunting management:

  • Development of record system and regulatory background for assessment of non-wood and food forest resources, medicinal plant raw material during forest inventory and other forest record operations
  • Development of forest condition assessment criteria for forest areas in lease holding
  • Development of recommendations management and conservation of non-wood forest food resources and medicinal plants
  • Development of forest area record system in case of their use for hunting