Laboratory of forest treatments
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Laboratory of forest treatments

Laboratory manager:

SIDORENKOV Victor Michailovich


  • Candidate of agricultural sciences
  • Certificate of merit by Rosleshoz

Contact tel: +7 496 532 38 84

Key research areas:

  • Studies of forest treatment efficiency in various natural – regional, zonal,and typological conditions based on forest purposes
  • Development of forest treatment guidelines
  • Development of forest treatment operations and technologies
  • Development of silvicultural requirements and standards for forest treatment and use operations and technologies
  • Development of updated information systems in silviculture, forest use and forest management

Materials for draft regulatory documents:

  • Forest zoning
  • Logging rules
  • Forest treatment rules

Guidelines (recommendations, procedures etc.):

  • • Environmental-silvicultural requirements for forest treatment and use operations
  • • Forest treatment operation patterns at federal, regional and local levels
  • • Guiding recommendations to apply special purpose sets and types of forest treatment operations including zone and typology-based thinning
  • • Guiding recommendations on forest treatment operation technologies
  • • Guiding recommendations on forest lot allocation and survey for forest treatment operations or other silvicultural or forest use operations
  • • Guiding recommendations on efficient use of updated information systems in planning and performance of silvicultural and forest use operations, development of forest management plans and procedures