Laboratory of silviculture and forest management
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Laboratory of silviculture and forest management

Laboratory manager:

ZHELDAK Vladimir Ivanovich

  • PhD of biological sciences
  • Honoured forester of Russia
  • Senior researcher

Contact tel: +7 496 532 38 84

Key research areas:

  • Study of forest ecosystems condition and dynamics due to silvicultural and forest use operations and various natural and man-made impacts
  • Development of theoretical and guiding issues of silviculture and its components
  • Development of integrated silvicultural (including social-environmental and social-economic) requirements for forest use and management
  • Development of silvicultura operation sets and their practical implementation technologies
  • Development of theoretical and guiding issues of forest management silvicultural support

Подготовка материалов для проектов нормативно-правовых документов:

  • Forest zoning
  • Logging rules
  • Forest treatment rules
  • Afforestation rules

Guiding documents (recommendations, procedures etc):

  • Forest management and use environmental-silvicultural requirements
  • Forest management and use silvicultural operations including regional and local levels
  • Silvicultural operations for forest regeneration, forest treatment, thinning, stand restocking and reconstruction
  • Guidelines for environmental regeneration silvicultural operations
  • Guidelines for silviculture and forest use operation technology