Department of forestry economy
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Department of forestry economy

Department manager:

VORONKOV Petr Terentjevich

  • Candidate of economic sciences
  • Distinguished Economist of Russia
  • Senior researcher

Contact phone: +7 496 532 36 12





Key research areas:

  • Pricing of forest use payments
  • Improvement of forest management arrangement
  • Forest resource price monitoring
  • Price monitoring for timber and production resources used in loggings
In various years N. P. Anuchin, A. A. Tsymek, N. A. Moiseev, V. D. Volkov, A. N. Fedosimov, I. V. Turkevich, A. F. Tsekhmistrenko, N. P. Roschin, A. A. Marukjan, L. V. Ovchinnikov, N. I. Kozhuhov, A. E. Kleinhof, A. S. Lazarev, N. M. Elchev, D. V. Ruzakov studied forestry economic problems at the institute.

The forestry economy department has a long-term research coordination and performance experience in forest complex problem developments. Department’s developments in forestry operation feasibility studies, regulatory and technical documentation on forest resource pricing, forest management, forest sector management arrangement improvement are widely used in practical forestry.