Center of strategic planning and prediction
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Center of strategic planning and prediction

Director of the center:

KORJAKIN Vasily Anatoljevich

  • Candidate of economic sciences
  • Senior researcher

Contact phone: 8(960)742-46-65



Strategic planning and economic situation prediction is a background of efficient functioning of any organization in modern market economy. Strategic planning and prediction based on price monitoring data is a relatively new type of economic analysis in the Russian Federation. Its significance is predetermined by efficient Federal Forestry Agency performance of its executive authorities in forest policy follow-up, provision of government services and management of state property in forest relations is based on reliable data on level, territorial differentiation and dynamics of prices for corresponding products and services, comparative price data for goods, operations, services produced in various regions and by various manufacturers.

Key targets tackled by the center:

in strategic planning and prediction:

  • collection, accumulation and consolidation of information on economic situation in forest relations;
  • development and streamlining of strategic planning and prediction procedures in forest relations;
  • short-term, mid-term and long-term prediction in forest relations both at federal and regional levels;

in development of stumpage and other forest resources price rates:

  • collection, accumulation and consolidation of information on forest resource utilization including market timber prices in Russian and international markets as well as production costs in forest use;
  • preparation of price rate lists for utilized forest resources;

in forest payment administration:

  • analysis of federal budget receipt accuracy and timing of payments for forest use within their administration by a federal executive authority;
  • development of proposals for the Rosleshoz to streamline the statistical and routine reporting related to forest use efficiency;

in price policy:

  • monitoring and analysis of prices for forest products and forest services provided to outside organizations on a paid basis;
  • development of information data on wood resource and forest product prices including predicted ones designed for the MNR units and other legal and private stakeholders for optimal decision making by all economic agents;
  • development and improvement of procedures to fix payment rates for various forest resources;
  • development of draft proposals for the MNR to streamline the government policy related to forest resource payments level, differentiation and their review periods;
  • development of proposals for Rosleshoz to streamline price policy in sales of forestry products and services to outside organizations.

in labour rating:

  • verification of optimal organizational structure and labour force;
  • development of time, production and service rates;
  • time-study of operations, study of work and rest schedule in an organization;
  • assessment of labour activity efficiency.