Laboratory of economic studies
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Laboratory of economic studies

Laboratory manager:

VORONKOV Petr Terentjevich

  • Candidate of economic sciences
  • Honoured economist of Russia
  • Senior researcher
  • Medal “In commemoration of Moscow 850 anniversary”

Contact tel: +7 496 532 36 12

Laboratory of economic studies is a part of the Forest economy department.

Key research areas:

  • Forest resource use payment pricing
  • Improvement of forest management arrangements
  • Analysis of current information Russian timber market condition and trends
  • Collection of current statistical reporting on timber market price dynamics in Russian and international markets as well as prices of production factors applied in forest use
  • Arrangement and statistical processing of information on prices of timber and production resources applied in forest use
  • Generalization of information on timber price dynamics in records and analytical reports to develop proposals on current stumpage price pattern regulation (payment rate per wood volume unit) and improvement of management decisions in forest relations